Why our shoes...


                                             BECAUSE OUR SHOES WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD'S FEET

       We sell shoes from checked and respected producers, which are offering footwear with the " Healthy Foot " certification  - a sign that distinguishes good shoes, which are made correctly for a child's feet in terms of design, technology and materials to help feet develop correctly.
       The " Healthy Foot " certificate has been given by the special commission - in the Footwear Industry Institute in Crakow in Poland - for many years after the shoes are assessed by orthopedic doctors, anthropologists, designers and material scientists.                               

        To avoid damaging the feet, legs and posture of the child, shoes designed for small feet, that will support proper development and growth, should be selected.


The first step - the first shoes...

First shoes for a child are the most important.
For children who are beginning to walk, higher shoes that reach above the ankle are recommended. Shoes with this design will help maintain the stability of the legs while walking.

All children's shoes should have a reinforced heel - this helps with correct foot positioning and prevents twisting it sideways. Proper position will keep the legs straight and help maintain correct posture.

Another important element of footwear for children is the tip of the shoe - it should be sufficiently wide and high to allow the toes fit comfortably and allow comfort during movement.

A suitable shoe should not have a completely rigid sole. The sole should bend basically in the toe area, and be sufficiently  flexible  and soft so that the child can walk naturally.

Inner insoles - an essential element of good shoes for young children.  It should be slightly profiled at the inner part of the metatarsal.
Our shoes have only leather inserts, which are anti - bacterial, anti - fungal.  With these features, feet do not become sweaty.

All the shoes we offer are made of natural leather and materials that are safe and friendly for the child's feet.


Our shoes have all of the above features, therefore we believe that our shoes will support the normal development of your child's feet.