Size guide


Indirect measurement

  1. stand on a sheet of paper, heels have to touch the wall
  2. mark the longest toe (sometimes the 2nd toe is longer than the 1stsometimes the feet have different lengths, you can measure both)
  3. use a ruler to measure the distance between the wall and the marked point
  4. to measure the length of the feet, add  6 - 10 mm, for sandals add 4 - 7 mm.  Your result is the length of the shoe inserts, which you should choose when buying footwear
    Shoes should be bigger than the feet. This is important, because the child's feet grow very quickly and move forward when walking.


* the lenght of the foot is 15 cm +  0.6 cm = 15.6 cm  - it means the minimum length of the inner insole should be 15.6cm

* check the size table